“Ken Yo Dama” the ultimate skill toy competition TV Show airs on OC16 broadcasted on Oceanic Time Warner Cable’s channel 12.

Runs 3/6/14 – 4/16/14

Premiere:            Thursdays at 6:30pm

Repeats:              Fridays at 12:30am

Saturdays at 4:30pm

Sundays at 10:00am

Mondays at 6:30am

Tuesdays at 5:00pm

Wednesdays at 3:30pm


Finals April 10th at 6:30 pm on OC16 broadcasted on Time Warner Cable’s channel 12.


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Rules of the TV Show:


There will be 5 weeks of semi-finals (5 episodes). In the semi-finals it will be a head to head open division playing a game called D.A.M.A. (Similar to basketball’s H.O.R.S.E.) There will be 4 Kendama contestants on each episode of the Ken Yo Dama semi-finals. All 4 contestant names will be put in a tub and picked to compete against each other. Two contestants will go head to head, the winners of each of these two rounds will then challenge each other on the same episode in round 3. They will play a game called “D.A.M.A.” where a Kendama contestant will pull a trick from a tub then attempt to perform the trick without error first, if the trick is performed by the puller of the trick on the first attempt their opponent (opposing contestant) must perform the same trick without error or earn a letter. If both contestants perform the trick without error they will battle performing the same trick until one of the contestants fails to perform the trick thus earning that contestant a letter. If the contestant that pulls the trick from the tub cannot perform the trick the opposing contestant will attempt to perform the same trick, if the non-puller performs the trick then the puller earns a letter. If the non-puller fails to perform the trick then the puller can attempt the trick again, if on the second attempt the puller performs the trick then the opponent earns a letter. The game continues until one contestant spells out “D.A.M.A.” The first Kendama contestant to get “D.A.M.A.” is eliminated. The contestants are limited to three (3) attempts of a pulled trick. If each contestant has failed to perform the pulled trick in 3 attempts each the round will earn 1 fault. Each game is allotted 6 faults, in the case where the round has earned 6 faults it will default into a game of Trick Ladder, this will decide who takes the win of the game by having both contestants perform the same ten (10) pre-selected tricks in order they are of listed. The contestant who performs the ten (10) pre-selected tricks in the sequence they are listed first wins the round. One contestant from each episode will go on to the finals. 


One contestant from each semi-final episode will move on to the finals. In the finals (final episode) there will be 5 finalist contestants. The first contest is “Time Elimination” where all contestants will be asked to do the same 5 tricks in the fastest amount of time. Stop watches will be used. The 4 contestants with the fastest time on the clock will move forward to the next round, the 1 contestant with the slowest time on the clock is eliminated. The 4 qualified contestants will proceed to play another round of “D.A.M.A.” each.  In the the “Elimination Rounds”, each of the two sets of contestants will go head to head. The winners of each round of the “Elimination Round” of “D.A.M.A.” will then challenge each other to become the winner. These FINAL 2 contestants compete in the finals by playing a game of Trick Ladder that consists of 10 tricks.  The contestant that completes the final 10 tricks first earns the title of Season One “Ken Yo Dama” Ultimate Skill Toy Competition TV Show Champion and becomes the winner of $2,000 in cash and a year supply of Dave’s Ice Cream (up to a $1,000 in product).


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